The Beginning

A good cook takes their ingredients seriously and puts the quality of the produce first. If you begin working with high quality ingredients, a sublime base, or a bon fond, your results will shine with the beauty of the original, pure ingredient. 

Of course, when you begin tasting and cooking with these incredible ingredients, it's only natural that you want to know more about their origins, creation, the smiling faces and hardworking hands behind the produce. This brings us to the birth of Bon Fond

Our journey will be centered around artisans, producers, farmers, and experts in each region. After teaching cooking classes for a few years, we want to become students again, observing and learning from talented individuals who have become masters of their art. A van or camping car is be the best way to visit small towns, be independent, and not impose upon our hosts. So, our home for the next year will be on wheels. 

The ultimate goal is to publish a book to share our experiences, filled to the brim with recipes from each region, highlighting the passion each artisan has for their gorgeous products. We want to share these unique flavors and techniques: saveurs et savoir-faire

We're in the process of figuring out the big three:

- How much money we need to budget.

- What type of van we're going to buy.

- From whom we will learn these classic French techniques.

We will document these steps, each experience and techniques we discover with the artisans, our adventures in the van, the things we cook.

Follow us on our journey and learn with us! 

- Lise